The popular Mega Million lottery game didn't produce any winners on Tuesday night, which has resulted in the jackpot shooting up to $290 million for next week's drawing.

Tuesday's winning numbers were 1, 4, 6, 11 and 14. The Mega Ball chosen was 30 and the prize topped $241 million, but with no winner.

There were 68 tickets sold that matched five numbers without the Mega Ball. The winners will each receive  $250, 000 minus taxes.

If someone wins next week, it will be the second biggest payout in the history of the game, coming just weeks after an 81-year old Rhode Island resident collected the $210 million jackpot.

The Mega Millions lottery recently made headlines after a payout lead a group to file a lawsuit again a New Jersey resident who was trying to take all the funds for himself.

The group was awarded $ 20 million after all members had been pitching into the lottery pool for years, but their colleague, Americo Lopes, claims he bought the ticket with his own money. He was accused of hiding the winnings from his co-workers, according to

The jury was not convinced and reached a verdict that the jackpot should be split between all group members. Lopes says maintains that the ticket belonged to him and will appeal the verdict.