Megan Fox, who can currently be seen in Friends With Kids has been ranked as one of the world's sexiest woman on more than one occasion. Yet it seems that the raven haired beauty is thinking of leaving Hollywood to archaeologist. The pin-up has been in some major films, such as Transformers but perhaps she'd like to give all that up in order to explore the world. In a recent interview with MTV, Fox revealed her plans:

I would really love to go on an archaeological dig. I have an offer to go somewhere in England but I would rather go to Egypt or Syria or some place like that.

That's great news for all the male archaeologists currently traipsing through Egypt or Syria but bad news for fans that feel Fox belongs on the big screen or burning up newsstands with sultry photo shoots. Not to worry, Fox is set to star in the upcoming The Dictator with Sacha Barron Cohen and is this month's Cosmo covergirl. And even if she does start digging for artifacts in the near future, there's plenty of covers for fanboys to drool over while she's away. Here's a look at the star's hottest magazine covers!