Megan Fox has transformed herself once again.

There has been speculation suggesting the 25-year-old Transformers actress went under the plastic surgeon's knife. Fox was spotted at the premiere of Puss in Boots, along with husband Brian Austin Green.

The actress was believed to be looking a little different from her former self; a difference that although not obvious is noticeable when comparing photographs of her from just a few weeks ago.

Essentially, rumors suggest that Fox has received some sort of plumping treatment. Her well-defined and high cheekbones, one of her more prominent features, seemed to have a bit more flesh on them.

The transformed face change points either to fat transfer or dermal fillers, according to quotes by Brooke Barlow, R.N., who has worked for a plastic surgeon, on RadarOnline. Barlow also added that the actress' fuller face, higher cheekbones and the absence of smile lines is an indication of one of these two procedures.

Megan definitely has had some work done. I would say either fat transfer or dermal fillers, Barlow said, You can tell in the fullness of her cheek and chin. Where there was once a more defined zygomatic arch (cheek bone), now she is round and full. Also, her naso labial folds (smile lines) are nonexistent, due to the fullness in her mid face that lifts the cheek.

This isn't, however, the first time that the actress has found herself in the headlines for her transformative acts. Earlier this year, she was spotted with fuller lips and cheeks, raising questions of a similar sort.

There is another non-surgical possibility. She may simply put on some weight, made evident in her cheeks.