A teenager from Melbourne was seriously injured on Wednesday after being run over by bulls during the annual running of the bull in Pamplona, Spain.

Nicholas Ward, 18, suffered three fractured vertebrae and is in serious condition at the Navarra Hospital.

Ward's father was at the festival but only learned of the accident when his son failed to return to their hotel, a Spanish newspaper reported. His mother and sister, who were in Paris at the time of the accident, rushed to Pamplona.

The family said Ward will be treated at the hospital during the next two weeks. The father will return to Australia with the mother and sister staying with Ward in Spain.

Howard Ward, the father, told a Spanish newspaper that it will be the last time that his son will join the Spanish festival, which involves the releasing six bulls to chase people through the town's narrow, cobbled stone streets.

Meanwhile, two other Australians were also injured during the San Fermin festival on Wednesday, though not during the bullrun. A man, 23, fell from a fountain and fractured a vertebra while a woman, 26, suffered a minor head injury.