South Carolina woman Melissa Nava allegedly shouted “F--- you, Justin Bieber!” to a Spartanburg County sheriff’s deputy after she was arrested Thursday for public disorderly conduct.

The sheriff’s deputy was on routine patrol when he allegedly saw Nava, 33, stumbling down the shoulder of a Spartanburg road.

“Nava was immediately combative and starting screaming at [Spartanburg County] Deputy Duley and myself. She admitted that she had been drinking alcohol throughout the evening,” the deputy said in a police report obtained by the Smoking Gun. “Nava was very unstable on her feet, spoke with profane and slurred speech, and smelled heavily of an alcoholic beverage. Due to her severely intoxicated stated [sic], she was placed under arrest for disorderly conduct.’

But the incident did not stop there, according to the deputy. Nava refused to keep her arms still while being handcuffed and resisted and pushed away a patrol car door when deputies tried to get her in the vehicle, according to the report.

As the deputy tried to help Nava get into the patrol car, she “continued to scream, shout obscenities, and resist getting into the vehicle.

“She then spit at me and shouted, ‘F--- you Justin Bieber!” the report went on to say. The deputy then placed a spit hood over Nava’s head “without any further incident” and took her to the county jail.