An EMT who found actress Amy Locane lying in a ditch following a crash that killed a New Jersey woman testified in the so-called “Melrose Place Trial” that Locane was not aware that she was behind the wheel of the fatal accident.

Locane, 40, who appeared in more than a dozen episodes of the 1990s drama “Melrose Place,” faces aggravated manslaughter and assault by auto charges in the June 2010 death of 60-year-old Helene Seeman.

In the third week of the “Melrose Place Trial,” EMT Ali Larcombe testified that Locane was “unaware” that she was involved in the accident that killed Seeman.

“She was in her own world, spaced out,” Larcombe testified, according to the Morristown Daily Record. “She didn’t have sense of the magnitude. She was, I don’t want to use the word happy, but unaware.”

Lawyers for Locane and prosecutors are not disputing that the “Melrose Place” actress was behind the wheel during the accident, but Locane’s attorneys are arguing that she was distracted by Seeman’s husband, Fred Seeman, who made a sudden turn.

The accident was the second on June 27, 2010 involving Locane, the newspaper reported. She rear-ended another moments before slamming her Chevrolet Tahoe into the side of Seeman’s Mercury Milan.

Larcombe testified Wednesday about Locane’ demeanor as the actress was brought to an ambulance. She said Locane tried removing the collar placed around her and admitted she was drinking. The actress also insisted she was fine despite bruises and cuts on her body.

Locane tried to suggest to Larcombe that she was famous, the EMT testified.

 “She asked if we knew who she was. We had no idea what she meant,” Larcombe said of Locane, who was appearing in a local community theater on the night of the accident. “After the fact we realized she was referring to show business.”

Locane was told that a woman died in the accident when she was questioned by detectives later that night at Princeton Medical Center, the Daily Record reported.

An emergency room nurse at the hospital also testified about Locane’s disposition.

Christine Wiggins said the actress “seemed a bit confused,” “agitated” and “could not relay details of the accident.”

“She was talking almost incessantly,” the emergency room nurse testified. “Manic.”

Locane’s trial started Oct. 2 in Somerset County Court.

The most emotional testimony was given Wednesday by Seeman’s widower, Fred Seeman, who described the impact of Locane ramming into their car.

“I hear and feel an explosion,” Fred Seeman, 62, testified, according to the Daily Record. ““An unbelievable explosion, like we were hit by a bomb.”

Seeman then described how his wife made gurgling noises as she was dying.

“I look at my wife and she is not with me. I say, ‘Helene! Helene!’” he testified. “I don’t know what happened, and I stumble out. ‘Somebody help! Help!’ I’m on the road. ‘Help! Help!’ I begin to feel a lot of pain. I can’t breathe. I don’t know what happened (…) I couldn’t do anything,” he said.

The Record reported that Seeman convulsed on the witness stand.