Women have regained all the jobs they lost during the 2008 financial crisis, at least in terms of number of jobs, but men have regained only 70 percent of the 6 million jobs they lost, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

So why the "mancession?"

Well, first, men lost more jobs than women, so they have to regain more jobs than women just to catch up to their pre-recession levels.

Second, most of men's lost jobs were from two male-dominated industries: construction and manufacturing.

Construction workers suffered the largest losses in the recession, nearly a quarter of all job losses in the economy, CNN Money said Thursday. In 2010, their unemployment rate spiked to 25 percent.

Now, construction has a 9 percent unemployment rate, but about 1 million construction workers switched industries or dropped out of the labor force, according to BLS.

Manufacturing also suffered similar losses, and though factories are beginning to bring some jobs back, skill sets have changed. The people let go are not necessarily the same people factories want to hire again.

So while job cuts have largely halted in both manufacturing and construction, these industries are not quickly returning to the levels of five or six years ago.

And while these industries are barely recovering, other industries with many more women, like education, leisure, hospitality and healthcare, have been growing rapidly.