That’s a wrap for “The Mentalist.” Seven seasons of Patrick Jane (Simon Baker) and Teresa Lisbon (Robin Tunney) came to an end Wednesday night with the CBS show’s two-hour, double-episode finale. The talk all week had been the anticipation for Jane and Lisbon finally tying the knot, so how did it all go down in the final episodes?

In the first episode of the finale, “Brown Shag Carpet,” Jane and Lisbon dealt with the show’s last bad guy ever – a deranged serial killer named Lazarus (Aubrey Deeker). Lazarus, who had a curious fixation on psychics, kidnapped Jane, who was pretending to be a psychic to help the FBI catch the criminal, and attempted to prove that the FBI consultant was a phony. Luckily, after finding the body of Lazarus’ father in a closet – yikes – Jane was able to convince the killer that he truly had psychic powers. Jane eventually escaped after causing a gas explosion in the house where he was being held that seemingly killed Lazarus.

It was on to “White Orchids” and the big “Mentalist” wedding! Sharing a romantic evening at their cabin, Jane proposed to Lisbon with his old ring – to represent both his past and his future. Wedding plans were immediately a go with the guest list soon spiraling out of control and leaving Lisbon pretty stressed. Jane and Lisbon compromised, shifting gears towards a quieter ceremony at the cabin. However, it turned out Lazarus was still alive and on the loose with plans to crash the happy couple’s big day. Luckily, an FBI ambush was waiting for him and the killer was soon behind bars for good. All that was left to do was for Jane and Lisbon to exchange vows, which they did in a very beautiful ceremony outside the cabin. However, “The Mentalist” has one more surprise in store for fans and in the last scene Lisbon gave Jane the news that she was pregnant.

So, it was a happy ending for Jane and Lisbon. They got a wedding, a baby and a touching goodbye to fans after seven seasons. What’s next for the newlywed couple? Fans will have to ask a psychic to find out.

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