Patrick Jane (Simon Baker, right) and Teresa Lisbon (Robin Tunney, left) will tie the knot in the series finale of "The Mentalist." CBS

It all comes to an end for “The Mentalist” next week. Wednesday, Feb. 18, will bring the two-hour double-episode finale of the long-running CBS series, which promises to be a bittersweet affair. Fans will have to say goodbye to Patrick Jane (Simon Baker) and Teresa Lisbon (Robin Tunney), but, on the plus side, wedding bells are ringing! How will it all go down in last two episodes?

Episode 12, “Brown Shag Carpet,” will feature a blast from the past for Jane and fans as the FBI consultant gives an old trick a new look. According to the synopsis, Jane will agree to pretend to be a prominent psychic again to lure a bad guy out of hiding for the FBI. The plot brings the series full circle as viewers were introduced to Jane as a psychic before it was revealed he was just gifted with keen skills of observation.

However, all fans will be talking about when the show comes to an end will be the wedding! The synopsis for episode 13, “White Orchids,” reveals Jane will surprise Lisbon with a marriage proposal in the show’s finale and that she, of course, will accept. The two lead characters have been in a romantic relationship since the finale of Season 6 -- after six seasons of romantic tension -- and they will end the show by tying the knot. Apparently, a killer out for revenge will try to ruin the much-anticipated wedding. However, recently released pictures of the episode, like the one above, suggest nothing will stop the happy couple from exchanging their vows before they say their goodbyes to fans.

Watch the promo for the two-episode finale below:

Be sure to tune in to see Jane and Lisbon say, “I do,” to each other and goodbye to fans. The two-episode finale of “The Mentalist” will be shown on CBS Wednesday, Feb. 18, at 8 p.m. EST.

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