Patrick Jane (Simon Baker, left) and Teresa Lisbon (Robin Tunney, right) tie the knot in the series finale of "The Mentalist." CBS

Wednesday is the end for “The Mentalist.” Fans have been following the exploits of psychic-turned-consultant Patrick Jane (Simon Baker) and FBI Agent Teresa Lisbon (Robin Tunney) for seven seasons now, but the show has reached its end. However, the popular CBS procedural will go out with a bang and a wedding for the ages!

Here are 6 thinks to know about “The Mentalist” finale:

Double Episode

The finale will be a special two-hour, double-episode affair. The long goodbye for fans will begin at 8 p.m. EST on CBS with the first episode, ”Brown Shag Carpet,” and continue at 9 p.m. EST with the wedding themed “White Orchids.”

Finale Synopsis

According to the synopsis for episode 12, Jane will agree to pretend to be a prominent psychic again – an old trick from earlier seasons -- to lure a bad guy out of hiding for the FBI. The case will be the last for Jane and Lisbon.

However, it will be all about the wedding in episode 13. The synopsis for “White Orchids” reveals Jane will surprise Lisbon with a marriage proposal. However, a killer out for revenge will try to ruin the much-anticipated wedding.

The Last Bad Guy

According to TV Line, the last criminal Jane and Lisbon bring down might be their toughest ever. Series creator Bruno Heller told the site the last bad guy will be a deranged serial killer known as Lazarus who has a strange fondness for psychics – the reason Jane is back to his old tricks.

“It’s not someone you’ve met before,” Heller told the site. “And as [EP Robin Tunney] pointed out to me, I don’t think we’ve done any other serial killers over the years as strongly as this one, except for Red John, so it’s very much a ‘full circle’ kind of event.”

Happily Ever After

What will happen to Jane and Lisbon once they tie the knot and the cameras shut off? Spoiler TV got a sneak peek at a scene from the finale that may have the answer. In the scene, Jane shows Lisbon a run-down shack in a beautiful, secluded spot that he says he is going to renovate to make their new home. Apparently, the DIY project is Jane’s answer to Lisbon keeping her job and Jane keeping himself occupied.

Wedding Photos

Here are the photos from the finale’s beautiful wedding:

Patrick Jane (Simon Baker, right) lifts Teresa Lisbon's (Robin Tunney, left) veil in the series finale of "The Mentalist." CBS
The Mentalist
Patrick Jane (Simon Baker, right) and FBI Agent Teresa Lisbon (Robin Tunney, left) kiss at their wedding in the series finale of "The Mentalist." CBS
The Mentalist
Patrick Jane (Simon Baker, right) and Teresa Lisbon (Robin Tunney, left) celebrate their wedding in the series finale of "The Mentalist." CBS

Finale Promo

Watch the promo for the double-episode finale below:

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