The ex-boyfriend of Meredith Barber, a college student who allegedly had a relationship with Robert Griffin III, is now trying to sell naked photos of the NFL quarterback. Griffin III married longtime girlfriend Rebecca Liddicoat on July 6, but Barber, a former Hooters waitress, is trying to expose him as a cheater, claiming he sent her inappropriate texts the night of his wedding.

The Virginia Commonwealth University student sent website Busted Coverage texts and a photo earlier this week that she allegedly received from Griffin showing his torso the day of his wedding. “Come on bae,” the Washington Redskins quarterback allegedly wrote to Barber at 1 a.m. the morning of his wedding, including a blushing smiley icon. He then allegedly sent her a photo that revealed his abdominal muscles. However, the man's face is obscured. When Barber didn't respond, he wrote, “Well OK I give up I guess. See you in a few weeks kid.”

She then tried to sell the site explicit photos of the Washington Redskins star, but Busted Coverage only offered her $500, which was not enough for her. However, her ex-boyfriend is now emailing site Deadspin in order to sell information pertaining to the situation.

According to the site, they received an email from Barber’s alleged ex, offering to sell “information, text messages, FaceTime screenshots, pictures, you name it, proving that it was indeed him [Griffin III] and he’s been up to it for some time.” The ex-boyfriend is asking for $25,000.

Griffin III hasn't commented on the allegations and is currently on his honeymoon with his wife.