After 5 years on NBC's popular morning show, Meredith Vieira said goodbye. Wednesday morning.

Vieira said she's leaving the Today show to spend more time with her family. Vieira's husband, Richard Cohen, suffers from multiple sclerosis and has battled colon cancer. That's why I'm doing this. It's to spend time, especially with my husband, who's healthy and I value that, Vieira said.

The usually collected and stoic Matt Lauer was very emotional as he said goodbye to Vieira, who, herself, was already crying. I thought why does that always happen, why when I talk about Meredith in public do I always poke fun at her?, Lauer said. And I realized, it's a little psychoanalyst here, but I'm afraid it's because if I really tell you how I feel I'm gonna turn into a blubbering idiot. But it's your last day so a little blubbering.

Below are some photos from Meredith Vieira's emotional goodbye.