Miami Heat News: 5 Keys To Miami's Game 6 Win over the Boston Celtics

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1.             LeBron James looked like he'd finally had enough. From the very first minute to the final buzzer, the league MVP wore a blank stare the entire night and willed his way to an easy 45 points on 26 shots, dished five assists and grabbed 15 boards. Every time Boston seemed poised to make a run, James simply drilled a long pull up jumper, fadeaway jumper or bullied his way to the hoop to snuff out any hope of making it a contest. It was one of the few times during his career that James has had an all-business demeanor without the accompanying anxiousness and as a result he was an absolute juggernaut.

2.             Conversely, Paul Pierce struggled to score nine points on an abysmal 4-of-18 shooting, If there's one thing both teams should learn in this series, it's that he who laughs first, never gets the last laugh. After James laughed in Garnett's face towards the end of Game 2, the Celtics won three straight. After Pierce laughed in James' face after hitting the dagger three in Game 5, James responded by tearing the Celtics to shreds on both sides of their own home court in Game 6.

3.             Boston's 1-14 shooting from three-point range squashed any chances of the Celtics making runs. On multiple occasions, shooters would find themselves all alone outside the arc with their feet set, bodies squared up and missed wide open treys. The Celtics lack a post presence therefore, Boston has to be able to hit jump shots in order to stay competitive with Miami in Game 7.

4.             This is the second time in the 2012 playoffs that the Heat have avoided the basketball afterlife known as elimination with an inspired performance. After falling into a 2-1 hole against the Indiana Pacers, Wade and James responded with a trio of dominating performances to close out the Pacers. It's similar to what happened on Thursday night. If the Heat could play with an underdog's brand of urgency, they could avoid much of the criticism they face from the national media. Now they'll have to do it again on Saturday in South Beach.

5.             Chris Bosh was a big reason why Garnett was held to just 12 points and five rebounds in Game 6. After he averaged 21.6 points nd 10.8 rebounds through the first five Bosh-less games.  More importantly, Boash's presence forced Garnett to stay at home defensively and hindered his ability to make defensive plays. Garnett has been doing a great job of just roaming around and messing up our offense, Bosh said after the game. I have to do my best to keep him honest.

If Bosh's health continues to improve before Game 7, Boston will have a herculean task ahead of them.






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