Five Seconds of Summer member Michael Clifford broke his silence since Oscar-nominated actress Abigail Breslin released her debut song “You Suck.” Though Breslin didn’t specifically name who the tune was about, many assumed Clifford was the subject since he has tattoos and dyed hair.

In “You Suck,” Breslin, 18, sings that her ex’s hair would fall out from all the chemicals. "That's the one lesson learned," Clifford joked during an interview with an Australian radio show, E! News wrote. Though it would seem like Breslin was pretty wounded by the person she wrote the song about, she and the 5SOS member haven’t talked for a long time. "I haven't spoken to her in a year," Clifford claimed.

Though many 5SOS fans on Twitter assumed the song was about Clifford, and even harassed Breslin on the social media platform, E! News pointed out that the song could be about someone else. The “Little Miss Sunshine” star was linked to Jack Barakat, who also has tattoos and dyed hair.

The radio interview was the first time Clifford opened up about his ex-girlfriend’s new song, which has nearly 275,000 hits and countless parodies. The video of 5SOS briefly talking about Breslin’s song has received over 200,000 views.

Breslin has been sharing some of the comments she’s received since “You Suck” debuted on Teen Vogue last week. While some of them are from people who love the song, there are unfortunately Twitter trolls who posted that she should harm herself.

Clifford has remained silent on Twitter about “You Suck.” Instead, he promoted his band and said he was excited to attend awards shows like the American Music Awards an Australian Recording Industry Associated Music Awards or ARIAs.

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