Michael Jackson still tops Forbes' list of top-earning dead celebrities, beating out the likes of Elvis Presley and Elizabeth Taylor.

Though he has been dead for over two years, Jackson's estate brought in $170 million since October last year, which also makes him the second highest-earning pop musician, dead or alive, following U2. Jackson held the spot on Forbes' list of top 15 highest-earning dead celebrities last year, as well.

Jackson has dominated the news lately, as the trial of his doctor, Dr. Conrad Murray, goes on in Los Angeles. Murray is charged with involuntary manslaughter for giving Jackson a lethal dose of propofol, though he has pleaded not guilty.

So how did Michael Jackson earn so much money since his passing?

Cirque Du Soleil has a show entitled Michael Jackson: The Immortal World Tour, with profits to be split between Cirque and the King of Pop. According to Forbes, if the show is profitable, Jackson's estate will earn more than the singer did himself when he was alive. In addition, a tribute show, Michael Forever, which took place in early October in Cardiff, Wales, sold out to 75,000 people.

Along with Jackson, the Cirque Du Soleil seems to profit majorly on dead musicians. Cirque also runs shows for Elvis Presley, number two on the list, and the Beatles, with John Lennon at number five and George Harrison tied for number 13.

Many other celebrity songwriters and authors, like Charles Schulz and Jimi Hendrix, top the charts, as they receive royalties in their death and catalogs for songs continue to sell.

Others like Andy Warhol and Elizabeth Taylor, continue to sell successful products, like Warhol's paintings and Taylor's scent White Diamonds and jewelry auction.

View the slideshow to learn who the top 15 highest-earning dead celebrities are according to Forbes, which earned a combined $366 million over the past year.