Michael Strahan wants you to know that he isn’t dying. He isn’t even leaving the ABC network. The host talked about exiting “Live With Kelly and Michael” during Wednesday morning’s broadcast. He told guest co-host Ana Gasteyer that he wanted everyone to stop being so sad about the news.

“I was reading some stuff, and it sounded like I died,” he joked. “It is not a eulogy, people!”

As previously reported, Strahan is leaving the show and co-star Kelly Ripa to take a position on “Good Morning America,” which airs on ABC . The co-host’s replacement has not been announced yet, but Strahan promised audiences that he isn’t leaving right away. He explained that he is going to “GMA” full time starting in September, which means he still has several months left on "Live," a syndicated series.

Still, he thanked the fans who have been tuning in to watch him with Ripa over the last four years. “You still continue to give us your eyeballs and watch this show,” said the former NFL player. “And for everybody who has come through here in the live audience over the course of the last four years: thank you guys. I can’t ask for better fans at all. And you guys have been absolutely amazing. And on top of that, I’ve worked with incredible staff here.”

However, Strahan, 44, won’t be gone forever. He said he'd be thrilled to return in a temporary position. “I am always here. I’m always available to guest co-host if I get the call, because I consider myself to be a part of this family forever.”

Ripa was absent from the show Wednesday and has not yet commented on Strahan’s departure.

“Live With Kelly and Michael” airs weekdays at 9 a.m. EDT on ABC.