During the first Republican presidential candidates debate (that's a mouthful) in New Hampshire Monday night Michele Bachman (R-MN), announced that she would indeed seek the Republican nomination for president. O.K. Sarah Palin, your turn now.

Bachmann dominated the debate which was broadcast on CNN, turning it into her first two hours of presidential campaigning as she said she had already turned in the paper work necessary to run. It was quite the strategy. Bachmann turned fellow Republican (and potential presidential candidate?) Sarah Palin into old news with her succinct answers that sounded more like she was reading from a script than actually speaking. Either way Bachmann was impressive.

Michele Bachmann was raised by a single mother and now she and her husband have five kids of their own, plus they've raised 23 foster kids. She made sure to mention this in the beginning, middle and end of the debate. Bachmann stole the show and made it seem like no one else showed up, though Tim Pawlenty, Mitt Romney were there in apparently spirit alone.

Bachmann quickly became a trending topic on Tiwtter, where he name was spelled incorrectly (Michelle Bachmann). As the Republican race heats up it'll be interesting to see who steps up and who falls down and of course, if Sarah Palin will throw her patent leather pumps into the ring.

Check out the photos below for a look into Michele Bachmann's personal style.