Michigan and Arizona Republican primary will be held Tuesday.

Michigan has 30 delegates to offer while Arizona has 29 delegates in the contests. Both Michigan and Arizona were originally given 59 and 58 candidates respectively to the GOP convention. But the number was reduced to 50 percent (30 and 29 respectively) as a penalty for advancing the election before March 6.

The results are expected to be out by 9 pm EST.  

Michigan Primary: Michigan is a closed primary and only registered voters can vote in the presidential elections, but the voters are free to vote for any party as no political party registration requirement in Michigan Election Law. However, the voter must make the ballot selection in writing, and will do so on Election Day in the polls on the Application to Vote/Ballot according to the Michigan state Web site.  

Voters also will have the option of voting uncommitted on either the Republican or Democratic ballot. The candidate with the greatest number of votes in each of the 14 congressional districts will receive that district's two delegates. Two additional delegates for Michigan will be given proportionally.

Visit the Michigan Voter Information Center at www.Michigan.gov/vote for more information on your voter registration status, polling place, issues that will appear on your ballot, the absentee voting process and more. 

And visit www.Michigan.gov/elections for a detailed history of presidential primaries in Michigan.

The unofficial Results can be found here and here.

Arizona Primary: Arizona has a semi closed primary. Independents can choose which party primary to vote in, while the registered voters can vote only on the party primary they are registered with. The poll opens at 6 am and closes at 7 pm.

You can find out your polling place and other information here.

The unofficial results for Arizona primary are available herehere and here.