Readers, who are interested in purchasing the second-generation “Microsoft Band 2,” can now make use of the new trade-in deal to avail discounts.

With this deal, Microsoft is extending up to $250 discount on the Band 2 upon exchanging an old-but-working smart wearable. To be specific, the $250 discount can be availed by trading-in a working Apple Watch. This watch should be 38 mm in size, along with Stainless Steel casing and Milanese loop.

Apart from the aforementioned Apple Watch model, Microsoft’s official Website has listed a total of 12 smart wearables that are eligible under the new trade-in deal. The devices include a slew of Apple Watch variants, old Microsoft Band, Sony smartwatch and fitness trackers/bands from Nike and Fitbit.

In case, readers own any of the devices mentioned below, it can be exchanged for a brand new Microsoft Band 2. However, except for the Apple Watch, the exchange price reduces drastically for other devices.

  1. Apple - Watch 38mm Stainless Steel Case - Milanese Loop (up to $250)
  2. Apple - Watch 42mm Stainless Steel Case - White (up to $200)
  3. Apple - Watch Sport 38mm Silver Aluminum Case - Blue (up to $150)
  4. Fitbit - Charge HR (FB405) (up to $75)
  5. Fitbit - Flex (FB401) (up to $10)
  6. Microsoft - Band - Large (4M5-00003) (up to $35)
  7. Microsoft - Band - Medium (4M5-00002) (up to $35)
  8. Microsoft - Band - Small (4M5-00001) (up to $35)
  9. Sony - SmartBand 2 (up to $25)
  10. Sony - SmartWatch 3 (up to $25)
  11. Nike - SportWatch GPS Powered by TomTom - (WM0069) (up to $15)
  12. Nike - FuelBand SE - Medium/Large (WM0110) (up to $10)

This trade-in deal ends on Feb. 7. Upon trading-in an old smartwatch, buyers will apparently get a redemption code via email. This code should be used by Mar. 15 to purchase the Band 2 at the Microsoft Store.

For those planning to utilize this deal, here is a quick summary of key Microsoft Band 2 configurations. This device comes with an AMOLED display and 320 x 128 pixels resolution. The lithium-polymer battery unit will be able to provide up to 48 hours of battery life and it takes less than 1.5 hours of charging to hit 100 percent. It is worth noting that this gear is compatible with devices running Windows Phone 8.1 (update 2 or higher), iOS 8.1.2 and Android 4.4 or higher.