Apple could lose its 'App Store' trademark if Microsoft has its sway. Microsoft has filed a lawsuit challenging Apple's use of its 'App Store' trademark, arguing that the term is too generic, PC World has reported.

The report said Microsoft filed a motion for summary judgment prohibiting Apple's use of its 'App Store' trademark which has been in use since 2008 following the launch of Apple iPhone.

Apparently, Microsoft cashed in on a rare incident of Apple CEO Steve Jobs shooting himself in the foot. In order to bolster its argument that App Store was too generic a term to be trademarked, Microsoft cited a statement of Jobs which gives away the exclusivity of the 'App store' trademark.

 Amazon, Verizon and Vodafone have all announced that they are creating their own app stores for Android, Jobs had said in an interview.

Microsoft and Apple are long-time rivals competing in the smart phone segment. Microsoft recently launched its new mobile operating system Windows Phone 7 in its bid to gain a foothold in a segment led by iPhone and Android.

'App store' is a generic name that Apple should not be permitted to usurp for its exclusive use. Competitors should be free to use 'app store' to identify their own stores and the services offered in conjunction with those stores, Microsoft said.