Rumor has it that software corporation Microsoft is developing a non-gaming Xbox One that will give users access to movies, television, online streaming video content, and music services like Spotify.

While gamers eagerly await the Xbox One console release on Nov. 22, Microsoft could already be creating an entertainment-only Xbox One. Although this could simply be hearsay, Microsoft technologist Paul Thurrot gave word that the rumor could be true.

Consumers have already noticed that the upcoming Xbox One possesses a fundamental focus on nongaming entertainment as well as gameplay. They’re also anticipating titles like “Titanfall,” “Thief,” “Quantum Break” and “Dead Rising 3.” Microsoft reports that the updated Kinect will be extremely intuitive and help users find more relatable and likable content, while also allowing them to fully personalize their console experience.

Would you purchase an Xbox One that doesn't have gaming capabilities?