Finally, Microsoft released the much-awaited Windows 10 for PCs on Wednesday. Eligible Windows-based devices will be receiving the update eventually. With the new OS, Microsoft is apparently trying to redeem itself from the unimpressive Windows 8 response. Needless to say, social media is abuzz with Windows users thanking the tech giant for skipping Windows 9 and switching straight to Windows 10. This reaction is not just for the name change but also for the umpteen features and capabilities the new OS version brings in. In the meantime, many users that tried the new OS were taken aback by a silly, unhelpful error message.

In general, the Windows 10 OS comes with fixes for a slew of issues and bugs faced by users with Windows 7 and Windows 8. But readers should note that only some of the pre-release bugs have been fixed in Windows 10, says BGR. Therefore, people trying out the new OS version will definitely encounter several unresolved issues, which will eventually be fixed by Microsoft with updates.

On the other hand, the stand-out error in the Windows 10 that will stump the user is probably this message: “Something happened.” [Scroll down to check out the error message.] The attached image went viral on Twitter. It is worth remcalling that the prominent blue-screen-of-death message was one such interesting error screen, encountered a couple of years back.

Users received the error message during the Windows 10 setup. Even though the message says there’s something wrong, Windows is not sure of what the problem could be. And there is no other description or help link on that page to assist the perplexed user. Instead, there’s only a “close” button at the bottom-right corner.

BGR says the “Something happened” error message may be a placeholder for a generic error message that was never addressed. Lastly, here are the hilarious reactions to the silly Windows 10 error message from Twitter: