As Microsoft Corp. released its much-talked about Windows 7 operating system on Thursday, the software giant quietly opened its first retail store in Scottsdale, Arizona.

It’s no coincidence that the store’s opening was on the same day as the Windows 7 launch, but the main aim of the Microsoft Store is to reconnect with their users.

We're not looking for an encounter, we're looking for a deep-seeded relationship so we can truly connect with their needs and help illuminate the magic of software and the value of the technology, Kevin Turner, the company's chief operating officer, said at the opening of the store, according to Associated Press.

Still, Microsoft has a long way to go to catch up to Apple’s more than 200 retail locations worldwide, but it could be an important revenue stream for the company going forward.

Microsoft is taking their new retail stores very seriously and even hired former Apple real estate chief George Blankenship as a consultant to assist with planning for its retail store initiative and has also attempted to poach Apple's own store employees in order to hit the ground running with experienced staff members already in place.

 The store itself bears similarities to that of Apples, with its relatively sparse layout and an Answer Bar to provide support for Windows users.

Watch below a video of the Microsoft retail store as it opened up:

A second store is scheduled to open in Mission Viejo, California next week Thursday, with more locations in the works.