Carmelo Anthony got what he wanted.

Whether he resigned or forced was out, Mike D'Antoni is no longer the head coach of the New York Knicks.

Anthony seems to have been the catalyst for the move. Earlier today, it was reported that Anthony wanted D'Antoni gone.

Adrian Wojnarowski, of Yahoo Sports, told Jim Rome that Anthony was the biggest reason that D'Antoni is now longer with the Knicks.

I think he had had it with the atmosphere there, with dealing with Carmelo, and the power he certainly has within that organization, and, listen they've lost six games in a row. They built everything around Carmelo. The organization, the owner cut that deal with Denver last year that looks worse and worse by the day. So, they're not gonna turn this team over...Essentially they moved the coach out, although he was ready to go.

Now, it's time for Anthony to perform.

Since the day the forward was traded here, the Knicks have been in a state of turmoil. New York didn't improve after acquiring Anthony last season, and the team was swept in the first round of the playoffs. This season, the Knicks have been an utter disaster with Anthony on the floor.

New York is 18-24 on the season, but even worse with Anthony in the lineup. With Anthony inactive due to an injury, the Knicks won seven out of eight games. Since the star's return, the Knicks are just 2-8.

Anthony hasn't meshed with D'Antoni since leaving Denver, and hasn't bought into the coach's offensive system. At times he's ignored designed plays, and tried to create offense for himself.

D'Antoni was known as an offensive genius prior to his tenure with the Knicks. Since trading for Anthony, New York's offense has been inconsistent.

Since Feb. 20, the Knicks have scored 109.8 points per 100 possessions with Anthony on the bench. Conversely, they've scored just 97.6 points with Anthony on the floor.

Anthony's antics have caused a rift with his teammates as well as his now former head coach. Wojnarowski says Anthony, not D'Antoni, is disliked among Knicks players.

The idea that the Knicks locker room had turned on D'Antoni is inaccurate. It's really this locker room versus 'Melo right now. They have had it with him, his excuses, his failure to lead, breaking off plays in their offense.

According to Wojnarowski, a lot of the current Knicks came to New York specifically so they could play for D'Antoni.

So many guys came for D'Antoni's system. Obviously Jeremy Lin loves that system, Amare came for that system again, Baron Davis, Tyson Chandler, they were in D'Antoni's corner. It is Melo against those guys.

With his teammates against him, and much of the Knicks fans against him, there's one way for Anthony to restore his reputation-help the Knicks win games.

The Knicks traded for Anthony with hopes of bringing a championship back to the Big Apple. If Anthony improves his play for the rest of the season, and helps the Knicks make a playoff run, D'Antoni will shoulder most of the blame for New York's recent troubles.

If the Knicks remain out of the playoff picture, many will look to Anthony as the reason why New York remains a perennial loser.

As Wojnarowski says, Anthony got what he asked for, and hasn't lived up to all the hype.

This is what Melo wanted. He wanted the big stage. He wanted the burden of being a big star in New York. He's got it, and it's been a disaster so far.

If Anthony doesn't get things turned around soon, he'll replace D'Antoni as the scapegoat for New York's failures.