Former “Saturday Night Live” cast member Mike Myers returned to NBC Studio 8H on Dec. 20 and dusted off one of the old faves from his back catalog of hit characters to make a political comment. Myers, 51, surprised fans by leaving Wayne of “Wayne’s World” and Dieter of “Sprockets” on the shelf and appearing as his Bond-villain parody, Dr. Evil.

In the skit, Myers interrupted a broadcast of “A Very Somber Christmas” hosted by Taran Killam as British singer Sam Smith. The evil mastermind appeared, stroking his trademark hairless cat, to express his outrage at Sony and North Korea for giving evil organizations a bad name. The character hasn’t appeared since Myers' 2002 film “Goldmember,” the final installment in his"Austin Powers" trilogy.

The sketch riffed off the recent news that Sony cancelled the release of its Seth Rogen/James Franco film “The Interview.” The duo play American journalists who travel to North Korea to interview leader Kim Jong Un, and are asked by the CIA to use the opportunity to assassinate him. Hackers attacked Sony releasing a slew of personal emails, scripts and more. After threats were issued to theaters planning to show the film, Sony announced its decision to withhold the comedy film's release indefinitely. According to Time, the FBI is blaming North Korea for the threats and attacks, but the country’s government continues to deny these allegations.  

“I mean, what the F, people?” said Myers (as Dr. Evil). “It’s just so pathetic to see you two fight over a silly comedy. It’s like watching two bald men fight over a comb.”

While it was fun to see the beloved character again, the sketch fell a little flat in certain spots, like when Myers awkwardly delivered Dr. Evil’s signature catchphrase -- “one million dollars."

However, the sketc gave Myers a chance to comment on current events from the point of view of a world domination-crazed evil villain, which seems more relevant with each passing year. In fact, the sketch included a dig at the GOP (both the "Guardians of Peace" responsible for the hacks and the Republican Party). Seems like Dr. Evil would make a good correspondent on “Weekend Update."

Myers' segment aired during an episode hosted by actress Amy Adams. Fans can see the sketch in full below: