Add Mila Kunis to the growing list of celebrities that have saved civilians lives in the past few weeks, including Ryan Gosling and Dustin Hoffman. The Black Swan actress, who was recently named hottest woman in the world by the UK Sun's readers, saved a 50-year old man's life at her home on Saturday.

According to TMZ, the man, who works for Kunis, collapsed onto the floor in the throws of a violent seizure, and began choking, coughing up blood, vomiting and biting his own tongue.

A person on scene tells us ... Mila came running, had her friend call 911, then rushed to the man's side, wrote TMZ.

The 28-year old actress reportedly held the man's head and turned him on his side so he would not choke, while a friend place a wallet in his mouth so he did not swallow his own tongue.

According to TMZ, law enforcement officials said that the paramedics arrived soon after the call was made and rushed the man to the hospital where he has already made a full recovery. Apparently Mila Kunis even volunteered to ride int the ambulance but was told that was not necessary.

Mila Kunis made headlines on Monday after her alleged stalked was arrested when he showed up at her gym.

The Ukranian born actress moved to Los Angeles, California with her family when she was seven years old and broke into the business at just 14 when she was cast as Jackie Burkhart on the TV series, That 70s Show. A year later she was also cast by Seth McFarlane to voice Meg Griffin for the animated comedy Family Guy.

Kunis has appeared in a number of popular movies, including Forgetting Sarah Marshall, The Books of Eli, Friends with Benefits, and Black Swan.