Mila Kunis, who turned 32 on Aug. 14, reportedly celebrated with her husband, Ashton Kutcher, on Monday at a restaurant, named Toca Madera, in West Hollywood, California.

Kunis showed off her stunning legs as she was seen wearing a short dress with blue and black patterns, paired with plain black wedges. She kept her long and dark wavy tresses swept to the side. Ashton, on the other hand, went casual and was seen sporting a ball cap and jeans, ET Online reported. The 37-year-old actor arrived at the restaurant carrying a gift.

Based on a source’s statement, the couple went low profile and opted to be seated in the back garden of the restaurant to enjoy fresh Mexican cuisine. They were joined in by actor, Al Shearer and his wife, model Niresha Kalaichelvam.

An insider shared that Ashton gave Mila a gift while they were having dinner. The source was quoted by E!News saying, “Mila was seen opening presents from Ashton, which turned out to be a vibrating exercise roller!” It seems like Mila found the gift too hilarious that she reportedly laughed hysterically when she saw it. She then leaned into Ashton and gave him a kiss.

The gift is a funny display of what Mila need not do as she showed that she looks awesome shedding off pounds from gaining baby weight. Mila had been interviewed before as to how she managed to lose her baby weight fast, and according to her, it was because of her breastfeeding Wyatt and going on long walks with her.

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