As Miley Cyrus’ increasingly questionable image invades the dreams of former “Hannah Montana” fans, the singer’s teenage sister, Noah Cyrus, has reportedly become enamored of her lifestyle. 

In a report from the July 7 issue of Life & Style, the magazine reports that Noah, 14, the younger daughter of Tish and Billy Ray Cyrus, was recently spotted clubbing with the 21-year-old “We Can’t Stop” performer overseas. 

According to the tabloid, (which claims the youngster is already following in her sister’s “hard-partying footsteps") Noah, following Cyrus' concert in Barcelona, Spain, on June 13, was photographed walking into a local club alongside the singer.

While the Cyrus family has yet to speak out regarding the underage partying allegations (see the photos here), insiders are already speaking out against Miley, claiming she is a known bad influence on her younger sibling. “She doesn’t hold anything back. She drinks and curses in front of her,” said an insider. “Noah stays up until the wee hours when she’s with Miley.”

Unfortunately for Noah’s celebrity parents, the adolescent reportedly not only wants to be famous like her big sis, she also believes that following in the former Disney star’s wandering footsteps will make her a star. “Noah is starting to act just like her!” said a source sharing a similar seniment with Star magazine. “Noah thinks that mimicking Miley will also make her famous one day.”

While Noah may be trying her hand at fame, (she recently danced on stage in a skin-tight suit alongside Cyrus during one of her Bangerz tour stops) insiders close to the teen see only the worst ahead if she keeps to her current path. “At this point Noah is a teenage train wreck in the making, thanks to her sister,” said a source.

Contradictory to the tabloid reports, Miley recently dished to Australia’s 2Day FM on her desire to keep Noah out of show business. “She’s really into sports. She really loves horses, so I’m going to keep her on that and keep her innocence as long as I can,” said Cyrus, adding that if Noah's ultimate goal was stardom, she wouldn’t stand in her way. “She’s kind of like a natural at it, so I feel like if she wanted to do it, I wouldn’t stop her."