Miley Cyrus updated her social media with a clip showing her happy self, since she is now “accepting” and “inspired” following Donald Trump’s win in the presidential race. Previously, the “Wrecking Ball” singer took to Facebook to express her “vocal for my support for everyone besides Donald Trump.”

On Wednesday, Cyrus uploaded a clip on Instagram and Twitter to update her followers how she is feeling after her tearful Facebook post went viral. In this update, the “Wrecking Ball” singer wastes no time in telling everyone that she will no longer shed a tear over the election results. Instead, she’s “accepting and hopeful, inspired and smiling” despite Trump’s victory over Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

Liam Hemsworth’s girlfriend also revealed in the clip that she’s launching a campaign called Hopeful Hippies with her nonprofit , the Happy Hippie Foundation. For this new endeavor, Cyrus is pledging to put “education for young people at the very top of our list of top priorities.” According to the singer-songwriter currently involved in “The Voice,” her pledge is in honor of Clinton.

Cyrus added that she’s excited to see what everyone in her campaign can do together to fight “homelessness and injustice.” She maintained that at this point, “we need to be stronger together.”

A few hours later, Miley proudly shared that Hopeful Hippies got a pledge from actress Darby Walker. The “Girl Meets World” star pledged that she’s putting her love and efforts to help the homeless people and animals.

Though Miley Cyrus is emanating positivity with her new campaign, many are still caught up in reminding the “We Can’t Stop” hitmaker what she promised to do when she campaigned for Hillary Clinton. Apparently, Cyrus vowed back in March that she will leave the U.S. if Trump gets elected, as reported by Vanity Fair. Now that Trump has become president-elect, many are urging Cyrus to keep her promise.

Facebook user Kelly Williams wrote on Miley’s Facebook page: “You said you would move to Canada so get to packing! Or those were just 'threats' since you thought u would get your way lol.” Another user, Doug Pauling, commented: “Miley…don’t back out now… get your overseas itinerary planned for a quick departure. Please stick to your promise to us Americans.” Many others urged Cyrus to leave because she had stated that she meant what she said when she swore to leave America.