"Gay OK." That's what pop star Miley Cyrus' Instagram batch says -- and the singer is proud about it. The 22-year-old says she is learning so much about “gender fluidity,” which she was not aware of earlier, and wants to dedicate her life to the cause.

The former Disney star has come out with a series of photos on an Instagram blog. The pictures of transexual individuals, taken by Cyrus, share “personal, positive stories from the LGBT [lesbian, gay, bisewxual, transgender] community.” The “Party In The USA” singer said the journey for transexuals has just begun following the recent historic Supreme Court ruling that legalized same-sex marriage in the U.S. 

“I know everyone’s saying 'Love wins',” Cyrus tells the Instagram blog. “But does it? There are still so many people and so many [issues], especially for black trans women.”

By taking the pictures, the singer also learned about her own sexuality. The whole journey was a self-discovery for the singer, who “also learned a lot about gender fluidity, which I didn't really understand. I relate to that." The songstress also became philosophical and said that she feels her life is “insanely serendipitous” at this time. "The universe is kind of supplying it all for me. They're like, if you'll do the work, you have to deliver it but we'll give you the materials to do it," she told the blog.

The singer has also been quite open about loving both men and women equally. She also told the blog that her inclination toward helping transexual individuals is something that she would like to do forever in her life.

"It doesn't stop in a month. Saying that these people really matter, my voice matters and I want to use it for something, it's given me such a purpose," said Cyrus.

In other news, she was also snapped getting intimate with a new girlfriend, Victoria's Secret angel Stella Maxwell. TMZ also posted a video of the two kissing each other.