Liam Hemsworth will move into rumored fiancée Miley Cyrus' new four-bedroom house in Malibu after he is “ready,” Us Weekly magazine reported Wednesday. Cyrus recently purchased the house, which is reportedly less than half a mile from Hemsworth’s, so that they both could stay together.

However, Hemsworth is not ready to move in yet. "The plan is for Liam to stay there while they reconnect, and then move in permanently when he's ready," a source close to Cyrus told Us Weekly.

But, the rumored couple are now sure about their rekindled romance. "They know what they have is real. Miley needed some time to grow up, but she feels ready for this now," another source told the magazine.

Reports emerged recently that Cyrus and Hemsworth, who called off their engagement in 2013, reconciled last December after the “Wrecking Ball” singer spent Christmas with the “Hunger Games” actor and his family in Australia. She posted a photo of herself on Instagram wearing the engagement ring she received from 26-year-old Hemsworth when they first got engaged.

The 23-year-old is “beyond happy” to be engaged to Hemsworth again. “It might seem sudden, but they have been very close for the past few months. They just wanted to keep their relationship out of the spotlight while they figured things out,” adding: “Liam never liked how exposed his life was with Miley,” a source reportedly said after the couple’s engagement reports came out recently.

Cyrus is also working to “tone down” her image in order to keep her rumored fiancé with her. However, people around her reportedly think that she is pushing for the relationship.

"Some people around her think Miley is forcing this relationship way too hard and it is not going to last. Liam's head is not in this as much as hers is right now. Miley is just proving herself to be a fake more than ever, to him and to her fans," a source had reportedly said.