Miley Cyrus has another hosting gig lined up, this time for Saturday Night Live (SNL). In the latest SNL promo, Cyrus even teased that she may, or may not be, wearing clothes for the show.

The “Wrecking Ball” singer will be appearing as a musical guest and as a host on the season 41 premiere of Saturday Night Live, set to air this weekend. According to Entertainment Tonight, in the latest SNL promo clip, Cyrus said that she may do her job on the show "with or without clothes, we're not sure yet." Although SNL regular Taran Killam suggested that it should be with clothes on, however Cyrus replied, “We’ll see.”

Cyrus did manage to show Killam a quick peek of an outfit that she’s planning to wear for the season 41 premiere show, which consisted of two pieces of shiny gold fabric with a black string. The style is typical of the singer’s barely there fashion. Killam commented on the outfit and asked Cyrus, “So no pants?” The “It’s the Climb” crooner joked, “What are pants?”

So while the former Disney star is still unsure about her SNL wardrobe, Cyrus’ fashion choice for the promo clip was also quite flashy. The singer wore a multi-colored metallic dress which covered her whole body until her mid-thigh.  She completed her look with oversized mushroom earrings and a colorful hair clip. The whole ensemble was somewhat “normal” compared to other outfits she wore previously.

However, the SNL promo clip still managed to surprise some of the fans. Instead of Cyrus shocking everyone with her nearly nude fashion styles, it was Killam who provided viewers with an eyeful in the promo clip, E!News reported. 

It started with the SNL regular telling Cyrus that he expected her to wear “something crazier” for the clip, to which Cyrus responded, "I don't do that all the time!" After the former “Hannah Montana” star’s response, the camera panned out to show Killam wearing nothing from the waist down. "Well now I feel like I look stupid," he said.

It looks like Saturday Night Live's season 41 premiere will be a wild one.

Saturday Night Live will return on the small screen this Saturday in the U.S. at 11:30pm.