Stevie J and Joseline Hernández have been bashing each other on social media during the past month following the announcement of their split. Each has accused the other of cheating, but the “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” episode Monday may have given fans a big reason why their marriage is falling apart.

In Season 5, episode 10, Mimi Faust confronts her ex, Stevie, about claims Joseline made accusing him of cheating on her and secretly fathering two children. Mimi tells Stevie she recently met with Joseline and that the Puerto Rican Princess revealed their marriage troubles stemmed from him being unfaithful. Stevie is baffled that Joseline told Mimi he has two other children and claims that the woman alleging to have his kids is lying to get attention.

Stevie is adamant that the kids aren’t his, but Mimi is unsure she can believe him. She tells Stevie she’s going to do her own research and find out, one way or another, whether he is the father of the woman’s kids. During the scene, Stevie also shows Mimi a video of his belongings drenched in bleach. He tells her Joseline got upset with him and tore up his house while he was away in Los Angeles and poured Clorox on his clothes. Mimi wants to know what Stevie did to make his wife so upset, but he claims he doesn’t know what set her off.

Also during the episode, Deb Antney attempts to help squash the beef between Tammy Rivera and Bambi on the one side and D. Smith and Betty Idol on the other side. The drama erupted over a comment Tammy’s husband, Waka Flocka Flame, made about transgender people during an interview. D. Smith believes Waka’s remark — he said transgender people were “rebuking God” — was disrespectful, but Tammy tried explaining to her that he was simply stating his opinion. The two got into an argument over the rapper’s words, and clearly still can’t make amends.

To help patch things up, Deb decides to invite all four of them to attend a panel discussion she’s having about bullying. She wants Tammy to speak on the panel and also invites D. Smith to be a speaker. However, during a meeting between Deb and D. Smith, they begin bickering, and Deb decides it’s best D. Smith doesn’t participate.

Even though D. Smith was uninvited, she shows up at the panel discussion anyway, with Betty Idol by her side. During the question-and-answer portion of the event, D. Smith gets up and starts arguing with Tammy over Waka’s interview about transgender people. Things get so tense between them that D. Smith gets angry and slams her hand on a table, causing a security guard to jump up and stand between them. D. Smith leaves with Betty Idol, and Deb concludes the panel discussion.

Later in the show, things get emotional for Scrapp DeLeon and his family. The rapper could be facing five years in prison and has to go to court to find out his sentence. Scrapp arranges a photo shoot for himself, his young son and his mom, Karen “KK” King, so they can have some pictures of him while he’s away. During the photo shoot, Scrapp tells his 3-year-old son he has to go away for a while and the little boy begins crying. In a sneak peek of next week’s episode, Scrapp learns how long he will be in jail, and it appears he doesn’t get good news.