There may be a Love & Hip Hop Atlanta sex tape sequel, after Mimi Faust's tape with boyfriend Nikko Smith was released last month. The tape was leaked online after winding up in the hands of Vivid Entertainment, an adult film company.

The sex tape of Faust and Smith shocked fans, in part, because Faust is considered one of the more conservative cast members on VH1's “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.” Faust later said that she and her boyfriend made the tape in private, but Smith’s camera was stolen, which led to it being made public. The two ended up getting a reported $100,000 after cooperating with Vivid Entertainment. According to TMZ, it has become the most pirated sex tape of all time, and pre-sale numbers totaled around $400,000.

Now, Vivid wants to do more sex tapes with other VH1 stars. "'Love & Hip Hop' is incredibly popular and resonates with our viewers. People love the show and love the characters. We look forward to working with other 'L & HH' stars in the future,” Steven Hirsch, founder of Vivid, tells RumorFix.

Fellow cast mates Joseline Hernandez and Stevie J revealed earlier this month that they were approached about making a sex tape way before Faust and Smith, but do not hold your breath. "You got to make wise decisions when you go about selling that type of security. Just to put it on the record, we wouldn’t do it for $100 bands,” Stevie J told the Pittsburgh Courier. When asked how much he would make a tape for, he said, “We wouldn’t entertain it unless you got $5 million in cash. I’m cool with $5 million. Like I said, I applaud their efforts.”