Supermodel, mother, wife, Victoria's Secret Angel, businesswoman, ecological conservationist - is there anything Miranda Kerr can't do?

It makes sense that Miranda Kerr would pose as Wonder Woman on the cover of Australia's Grazia magazine. She is, after all, a wonder. Her photo will grace the cover of a special collectors' edition of Grazia Australia magazine to celebrate Australia Day on Thursday.

Alongside the title Kerr Pow! Miranda Australia's Wonder Woman, the supermodel poses in full Wonder Woman garb designed by Alex Perry (plus royal blue suede pumps). She holds up an Australian flag on the cover; inside the publication, Kerr drapes herself in it.

Australian designers have really got their finger on the pulse, said Kerr of her fellow Aussies. They have creative ideas and also relaxed, wearable clothing, which is really nice.

The brunette beauty also took time to discuss her childhood.

When we celebrated Australia Day in the country where I grew up, said Kerr during a behind-the-scenes interview, We would have these raft days. So we would build these rafts and race them down the river. I'd get in there with a hammer and my brother and I would make these little rafts that we'd float down the river.

The 28-year-old looks magnificent as an Aussie superwoman. The VS model was styled by the magazine's fashion director, Thelma McQuillan.

We're a fashion magazine - and this is art. We're taking a risk - because Wonder Woman is a globally recognized icon and not just anyone could pull it off, said McQuillan.

But Miranda is an Australian icon herself. She's the star who, time and time again, our readers say they most admire; a businesswoman, a wife, a mum. She is our wonder woman. And she has the presence to pull this recreation off.

Kerr did not know what she would be wearing for the shoot until the day of. I was excited about it, but I hadn't previously told Miranda about the outfit, so I wasn't sure what she'd think, said the fashion director. But she took one look at it and broke into a big smile. It's my favorite shoot yet.