Although the couple has officially split, it seems like Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert are still lamenting the end of the relationship. Now it seems Lambert is hoping to take the edge off with a bit of booze. 

Despite the very public divorce, both are refusing to let it affect their professional lives. Recently, Shelton went back to work as one of the four coaches on NBC’s “The Voice” and Lambert has been touring and doing live concerts. One of these concerts included the WE Fest 2015 in Detroit Lakes, Minn. While performing at the Aug. 7 show, Us Weekly reports that Lambert finally opened up to the crowd a little bit about what she’s going through. 

According to concert-goers, she asked the crowd between songs if they were still out there, jokingly implying that people may have been too drunk to even be listening to the concert anymore. 

“I wish I’ve been drinking all day, I deserve it,” she said. “I just got divorced.” 

That’s right, it seems the “Little Red Wagon” singer is finally ready to talk about her big split and even may be self-medicating with alcohol. Meanwhile, her ex seems to be doing the same after tweeting a joke message implying he’s bringing and ice chest with him to “The Voice.” 

Unfortunately, it wasn’t all smiles and drinking jokes for Lambert at the WE Fest. According to Entertainment Tonight, the singer teared up while singing her romantic song “Over You,” to the crowd. Many in the audience reported she had to wipe away a tear during the song, likely because it conjured up thoughts of her previous relationship. 

The country music couple announced their divorce in July with a statement to the media saying they were unhappy together and, while there are no hard feelings, they’re “moving forward separately.” 

“We are real people, with real lives, with real families, friends and colleagues. Therefore, we kindly ask for privacy and compassion concerning this very personal matter,” the statement read (via the Associated Press).