The Miss World 2012 title was awarded to Yu Wenxia on Saturday, marking the second time that Miss China had been crowned the honor. The last time China won the Miss World competition was in 2007, when Zhang Zilin took the pageant.

The first runner up for the Miss World 2012 contest was Elizabeth Moulds of Wales, and the second runner up was Jessica Michelle Kahawaty of Australia.

Miss World is not to be confused with Miss Universe, which garners massive attention in the United States and is aired during a prime time slot on NBC. Miss World, an older international pageant according to The Washington Post, is more popular among Europeans and has been owned by the same family since 1951.

Miss World contestants compete in various categories such as talent, fitness and "Beauty With A Purpose." This year's pageant was held in Ordos, China, the same town where Genghis Khan once lived. Contestants dressed in traditional Mongolian fashion during the opening of Miss World 2012 on July 24.

But who is Yu Wenxia, the pageant beauty who triumphed over representatives from each nation of the world? Here are five facts about the Miss World 2012 winner.

1. Yu Wenxia is a 23-year-old living in China fluent in both Chinese and English. She is from Heilongjiang province in the northeast (what used to be called Manchuria), MakeUpTips forum, a news blog following fashion and makeup pointers, reports.

2. This Miss World winner has studied music and hopes to become a teacher of the art one day. Her specialties include singing and playing the piano, and she is also known for her opera talents as well.

3. Yu Wenxia enjoys the outdoors, and likes to travel and hike in her spare time, according to her official page on the Miss World website.

4. She describes herself as someone who follows her dreams with a smile, echoing the inspiring quote "Only when you drink from the river of silence" on her official page.

5. Yu Wenxia graduated from college and decided to pursue a career in modeling, MakeUpTips forum also wrote. Her favorite food is dumplings.

The 23-year-old Chinese model reigned over a lengthy list of pageant hopefuls to win the titled of Miss World 2012. Below is the full list of winners for various categories in this year's competition.

Miss World 2012 Beauty with a Purpose - Vanya Mishra, India

Miss World 2012 Talent -Wenxia Yu, China

Miss World 2012 Sportswoman - Sanna Jinnedal, Sweden

Miss World 2012 Multimedia - Vanya Mishra, India

Miss World 2012 Beach Fashion - Sophie Moulds, Wales

Miss World 2012 Top Model - Atong Demach, South Sudan