The search for the missing Missouri baby, Lisa Irwin, has run on for more than a month now and as the Kansas City police  continue to investigate, members of the public are starting their own search teams using online media.

As reported to the police by her parents, the one-year-old baby girl went missing from her crib while she was safely asleep in her home on Oct. 4. No substantial information has surfaced so far about the baby's whereabouts. And while the search goes on, a report on the Christian Post suggests that baby Lisa's search key words seem to have gained huge popularity on Google's search engine.

The search frenzy for an answer to baby Lisa's whereabouts seems to have reached its peak. Why? Dr. David Solly, a human behavior expert, might have an answer.

Folks seem to turn [to the] online environment for everything for which they have a question but don't have an answer, the Christian Post quoted Solly as saying.

If one types baby Lisa on Google's search bar, suggested terms like baby Lisa found, baby Lisa found dead pop up.

As of Thursday morning, Google Insights for Search indicates that the phrase baby Lisa found was the second highest rising search term in relation to the baby's disappearance.

As human beings we seek closure, we want to be able to see a whole picture, Solly, a psychology professor at University of the Rockies, a graduate school specializing in social and behavioral sciences, told the publication on Wednesday.

Baby Lisa's mother, Deborah Bradley admitted to being drunk on the night that Lisa went missing. There is also a mystery surrounding a 50-second call that was made on Baby Lisa's parent's cell on the night of her disappearance. The police have been hitting dead ends in the investigations so far, and there are no suspects in the case as yet.

Google insights for search further say that the three cities where Lisa's case is searched for the most are Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska.

So what can be concluded is that the highly searched phrase baby Lisa found, baby Lisa found in a ditch and baby Lisa found in a well are the inventions of people's restless minds to conclude the little girl's fate, says the report.  

You see a lot of that with eyewitness accounts of accidents or crimes. Their mind fills in all the details because of that craving for closure, Solly said.

People will go to extremes for closure, he added.

Also, the latest development in Lisa Irwin's case is reportedly that the mother of one of baby Lisa's half-brothers wants custody of her son. She is apparently concerned about his safety and well-being, his attorney said according to

Rasleen Raim, the mother of the boy, has filed a petition to modify custody and visitation for her son, whose father is Jeremy Irwin. The boy currently lives with his father, who is also Lisa's father.

The boy and another sibling of his were reportedly at home along with Lisa's mother, Deborah Bradley, on the night of the girl's disappearance.