Almost two months have passed since the disappearance of 10-month-old baby girl Lisa Irwin, from her home in Kansas City, and investigators are still looking for that one crucial clue which could help them solve the whole case.

Several people have volunteered their time and effort to find the toddler. Volunteers are combing woods and nearby locations, in search of anything that could conceivably lead them to Lisa. Private investigators are following the case closely and posting every possible idea or theory on their own web space and psychics are coming forward to share the visions they've had, hoping to find the missing girl.

Read these brief notes about three people who've made various predictions at different stages of the case.

Dave Bernard

A retired sergeant of the Kansas City Police force has predicted a rather unfortunate end for Lisa. Bernard, who retired in September, mere days before Lisa disappeared, said he doubts she is still alive.

You know, at this stage, I don't know. I doubt it. I doubt that she's still alive, Bernard told KMBC news. The sergeant has handled cases like Lisa's; in fact, he was the lead investigator in the Precious Doe murder case.

Ron Rugen

A Kansas City-based private investigator, Ron Rugen has been following the case since its start. Rugen is in the middle of his investigations and hints at Deborah Bradley's, Lisa's mother, mobile phone, saying it could be the one object capable of answering several questions.

You're not going to pocket dial some random phone number by accident that happens to be 1.1 miles away from the crime scene, wrote Rugen, referring to inquiries into a call reportedly made from Deborah's phone to one belonging to Megan Wright, the ex-girlfriend of a neighborhood handyman, John Tanko, who is reportedly already in jail, on an unrelated charge. According to his last blog post, he reached out to the man who used Wright's phone that night but has yet to hear back from him.

Rugen also went and met the volunteers who searched the old Sam's Town Casino site on Saturday.

Stephanie Almaguer

Dallas-based psychic Stephanie Almaguer also believes in the tragic reality of Lisa Irwin's death. Apparently, Almaguer had visions the baby died an accidental death at her home and the body was dumped near a former casino, near Interstate 435 and Missouri Highway 210. The site she claims to have seen in her visions is just a couple of miles from the Irwin home.

Although volunteers did search the site on Saturday, they could not find anything, apart from a small well. The well will, it is believed, be searched by law enforcement agencies.

Recently, Almaguer had another vision, in which she said the baby died, accidentally, in the family's bathtub. Her father, Jeremy Irwin, in an attempt to pump the water out of her body kept the body on the floor near the bed; a fact that the investigating team's cadaver dog confirmed.

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