Two-year old Bianca Jones has been missing since Friday at 9:45 a.m. when her father, D'Andre Lane, 32, claims she was taken during a carjacking. Family members have questioned whether Lane has told authorities the full truth of what occurred that morning.

Lane told police he was driving his silver 2004 Mercury Grand Marquis with Bianca strapped in a car seat in the back when two assailants told him to check taillight which was out. When Lane stepped out of the car, the assailants jumped in, stealing his car with Biana still inside of it.

Lane called the police and officers were able to locate the car ten minutes later less a mile away from where it was stolen. Bianca Jones, however, was missing.

Since Friday's alleged carjacking, an Amber Alert was put out in Michigan and Detroit police officers are working hard to find the missing two-year-old. No suspects have been named in the carjacking.

FBI agents searched the family's home Monday morning hoping to find a clue to where the missing toddler might be, The Free Press reported.

Police officers and over 60 volunteers searched the area near the alleged carjacking where Bianca was reportedly last seen. Volunteers split up into groups of ten and were assigned to different blocks, alleyways, fields or vacant lots. Many volunteers also knocked on doors asking neighbors if they had seen Bianca, and searched abandoned homes and lots.

I had to come out because I'm the mother of a 19-month-old and if this happened to me, I would want everyone to support me, Sade Franklin of Clinton Township told The Free Press.

Detroit police officers also used two bloodhounds to search the surrounding area.

Bianca's mother, Bianka Jones, said she last saw her daughter on Nov. 26 when family members and friends celebrated the girl's second birthday. Bianca was spending the week with her father who was reportedly on his way to pick up more clothes for his daughter from Bianka's home when the carjacking occurred.

Please continue to keep searching for Bianca, Bianka Jones asked volunteers, reported The Associated Press. We love her and we want her home. Bianca, Mommy has lots and lots of gingerbread men for you when you get home.  

Detroit Police Chief Ralph Goodbee has said that investigators have questioned Lane extensively and will continue to verify his story of the events that took place on Friday morning. He is being held by police on an unrelated warrant.

Family members have expressed concerns over whether Lane has told police the whole story.

Everything is confusing and cloudy, said Bianca's uncle, Gerry Weaver Jr., while describing Lane as a longstanding member of the family. Half of the family believes Dre, and the other half have their doubts.

Detroit Police Chief Ralph Godbee Jr. has insisted that police are verifying Lane's story.  However, he did not state whether Lane is considered a suspect or not.

The Detroit Police Department will not comment on the quantity nor the quality of any evidence or information we have gathered to date, Godbee said in the statement. However, in the interest of allaying some of the fears of the public regarding the apparent randomness of Bianca's disappearance, the authenticity and credibility of the original version of events is under intense scrutiny by our investigative team.

According to the Detroit News, FBI agents conducted a polygraph test and a source claims that Lane scored poorly when asked: Did you have something to do with her disappearance? and Do you know where she is now?

However, police officers have obtained surveillance camera footage showing Lane dropping off his 15-year-old nephew Friday morning before the alleged carjacking. Lane's nephew claims Bianca was in the car with them that morning.

One witness told the Detroit News he or she saw Lane running away from the carjacking scene with a firearm in his hand.

Lane served a sentence in 2003 for two years after he was arrested on possession of a controlled substance and firearm possession. Weaver explained that Lane was trying to straighten out his legal problems and arrange his life so he could spend more time with Bianca.

Bianca's family hopes she will return safely to her mother who has been devastated by the girl's disappearance.

She could just put a smile on your face, and when she does her little dance, it would erase any bad day I had at work, Weaver Jr. told The Free Press. Then she would give me a kiss on each cheek.