The girls are back! And the ladies of the hit ABC series are ready to get into more trouble than ever when Season 2 of “Mistresses” airs on Monday, June 2, at 10 p.m. EDT. Are you ready for the steamy summer series to return? If not, you better get yourself a chilled drink to cool down because rumor has it the sophomore season is going to be jam-packed with hot-to-the-touch drama.

Check out the synopsis for episode 2 of "Mistresses" here!

After what the jaw-dropping cliffhanger Season 1 left us with, fans are curious to know what they should anticipate before “Mistresses” premieres. Well, luckily for viewers, the mastermind behind the mystery TV show, K.J. Steinberg, and executive producer Rina Mimoun decided to give TV Guide a few teasers of what’s to come in Season 2.

1. Savi learns the meaning behind “Y.O.L.O”: After nearly losing her life in addition to her unborn baby’s life in a terrible car accident, Savi (Alyssa Milano) will learn to live without regrets come Season 2.

“She's more open. She realizes that she's got a second chance at life and she's not going to waste any time looking for the things that make her feel good,” Steinberg said. “I also think that she's in a state of confusion because of that. She's never felt liberated like that before. She's always been really responsible; responsible at work and being the den mother of her friends.”

Steinberg continued to explain “this accident has thrown her for a loop.” It has made Savi vulnerable and now she’ll “feel predisposed to follow her bliss more and allow herself to be searching for the truth”… like whom she should ultimately end up with romantically.

2. Will Savi find love in Season 2?: In the Season 1 finale, Savi was faced with a tough decision between choosing either Harry or her baby daddy Dominic. And it looks like we’ll find out just whom she decided to end up with when Season 2 premieres.

But Mimoun chimed in that Savi’s choice isn’t necessarily set in stone. According to the creators, Savi will have a male visitor show up a few episodes into Season 2 that will “complicate the decision she made.”

“This is the season of Savi questioning her relationships with men, why she makes the choices she makes and why she has a hard time being true to any given man that she's with,” Steinberg said.

3. What’s hotter than a hot mess?: The answer is Karen.

Mimoun revealed that Karen will become “an even bigger hot mess” after forming a relationship with another patient in Season 2 (a young girl). Karen will be “exploring different sides of herself” and essentially be going through the same emotional roller coaster Savi went through last season.

“Everything that befell Karen in the finale is going to continue to inform the things that she does this season,” Steinberg added. “For instance, she can't go on dates without the scandal of what happened to her in the finale following her along. That will inspire her to find new and creative ways to reinvent herself and find connections with people."

4. Summer loving: Out of all the mistresses, April will be the one with a hot new fling in Season 2.

“Rochelle Aytes and Ricky Whittle are the hottest couple that summer television will see,” Mimoun proclaimed as our ears perked up. “I'm going to just say it. We felt that poor April was put through the wringer last year between her husband showing up from the dead and the ex-mistress.”

It’s true. April really got the short end of the stick in Season 1. But it looks like the creators are making it up to Aytes when they give her character “real happiness” for a few episodes -- and not to mention some real steamy sex scenes. “She has some great, great sex in the meantime,” Steinberg quipped.

5.  Joss’ Season 2 evolution: Jes Macallan’s character was rewarded with the title as the one who showed the most growth in Season 1. And according to Mimoun, her spurt will only continue when the sophomore series picks back up.

“Through her relationship with Alex, she really learned to value herself,” Steinberg explained. “She hasn't done a 180. We're still going to recognize our Joss. She's still sexual and free and wild in a way that her personality is wild and unpredictable, but she's really come to value herself and her body through that relationship with Alex.”

But despite her progression, Mimoun hinted fans might see Joss self-destruct by the end of Season 2. “But in the pure Joss form, and this is our slow burn because it takes the whole season to see this is a somewhat self-destructive character. This is someone who is afraid of giving her all when it comes to intimacy.”

Are you excited for the Season 2 premiere of “Mistresses”? What are your predictions for the upcoming season? Chime in with your thoughts in the comments section below.