Karen’s words sure do have an affect on people.

In a sneak-peek video for Season 4 of “Mistresses,” fans can see just how moved Karen’s (Yunjin Kim) new nanny gets when Robert (Jerry O’Connell) hears a passage from his employer’s erotic, new novel.

“Is this weird — that I’m reading this out loud to you?” Karen asks Robert after reciting a sexy excerpt from her book titled “Unleashed: One Woman’s Journey.” “I’ve only known you for a week…” But Robert doesn’t think there’s anything odd about his boss sharing her wild, sexual experiences — even if he’s only known her for a short period of time.

“It’s totally normal,” he replies. “You don’t want to go in their cold. Hey, I’m an actor I get it! You have to rehearse … this is a rehearsal!”

Karen explains that she’s “so nervous” about reading her salacious story in front of a crowd during her book’s forthcoming launch party. “I’ve never done anything like it before,” she adds as Robert prompts her to continue reading about her passionate relationship with her former flame.

“…how much he would waken this desire in me — a desire that has always been there,” she says, inspiring Robert to lay a kiss on her — or, at least try to.

“Robert, what are you doing?” Karen says caught off guard as she pulls back from Robert’s lips. “You are my nanny! This couldn’t be more inappropriate.”

Luckily for Robert, who was clearly embarrassed by his mistake, Karen’s baby begins to cry giving him a reason to leave the tension-filled room. But it seems like Karen’s friends will give the author a hard time for not wanting to slip in between the sheets with her hot employee — especially after seeing his shirtless portfolio photos.

“Mistresses” will air its Season 4 premiere on Monday, May 30, at 10 p.m. EDT on ABC.