The day after she spent 30 hours straight working in her office, a young Indonesian copywriter died following her collapse on the floor.

The New York Daily News reports that 24-year-old Mita Diran collapsed on Sunday and slipped into a coma after working for several weeks on a little amount of sleep and consuming energy drinks to attempt to fuel her long days. She died just hours after passing out.

Diran worked for the Ogilvy & Mather-owned Young & Rubicam ad agency in Jakarta. And she often posted about her job and lengthy work hours on Twitter.

"30 hours of work and still going strooong," she tweeted on Saturday night.




Epoch Times reports that Diran’s father Yani Syahrial updated people on  the social-media website Path after he found out his daughter had collapsed. He mentioned her “continuous working overtime for 3 days last night” and “working over the limit” as contributing factors to her illness. Many of her coworkers as well as numerous social media users have expressed their condolences. Y&R also remembered Diran on its Facebook page. And her family and friends are now encouraging others to respect their limits and not overwork themselves, reports The Daily News.