MLB Opening Day 2012 is here, and once again, the New York Yankees have Major League Baseball's highest payroll.

The Bronx Bombers have a payroll of more than $197 million, $13 million more than No. 2 on the payroll list, the Philadelphia Phillies, according to a database compiled by USA Today.

The average salary for a Yankees player is $6,186,321, according to USA Today's numbers. The average Phillies salary is $5,817,964.

Not far behind Philadelphia are the Boston Red Sox, with a $173 million payroll. The average salary for a Red Sox is $5,093,724.

Nine teams have payrolls over $100 million while eight squads have payrolls of $75 million and fewer.

The San Diego Padres are hoping to do more with less after spending $55-plus million on their squad - the lowest in baseball to start the year. The average salary of a Padres player is $1,973,025

The Oakland Athletics also have a $55 million payroll, but are spending $127,800 more than San Diego. The average A's player will earn about $1,845,750 this year.

After the Los Angeles Angels signed star first baseman Albert Pujols this off-season, the team's payroll is fourth in baseball at $154,485,166. Pujols agreed to a monstrous 10-year, $254 million contract.

That figure bumped up the average Angels player salary to $5,327,074.

The Detroit Tigers, who had a big signing of their own in Prince Fielder's 9-year, $124 million contract, are fifth in payroll. Detroit's players will earn a collective $132,300 this year, with the average player taking home a salary of $4,562,068.

The Miami Marlins made a big splash this offseason with the signings of shortstop Jose Reyes, starting pitcher Mark Buehrle and closer Heath Bell, bumping up their payroll to the seventh highest in baseball at $118,078,000. The average Marlin will earn $4,373,259 this year.

Just above the Marlins in payroll are the Texas Rangers with a payroll of $120,510,974. The Rangers paid a hefty sum for Japanese hurler Yu Darvish this offseason. The average salary of a Texas player is $4,635,037.

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