Some of Hollywood's biggest stars from Marilyn Monroe to Kim Kardashian have appeared on Playboy's cover -- but these seven stars weren't so lucky.


Leading lady of the hit VH1 show “Mob Wives,” Pia Rizza, leaked nude photos of herself online earlier this month amid reports someone had tried to sell them to media outlets.

Rizza, 40, said the pictures were taken last year for a boyfriend who wanted to know if she would ever pose for Playboy.

Playboy founder Hugh Hefner answered on Monday, saying the publication wasn't interested.

Rizza later told TMZ that the pictures were never intended for the magazine.

“I want to know who [sic] the Playboy thing is funny cuz I never sent in my pics,” Rizza tweeted.



The mother of eight and the leading force behind the canceled TLC reality show “Jon and Kate Plus 8,” was quickly rejected by Playboy. When Hefner, 86, was asked if Gosselin had what it takes to be a centerfold, he replied that he didn’t even think she qualified as a celebrity in spite of an appearance on "Dancing with the Stars."


Kelly Osbourne Kelly Osbourne at the 2013 Elton John AIDS Foundation Oscar Party. Photo: Reuters/Gus Ruelas

Before Osbourne hosted E!’s “Fashion Police,” the former reality star had expressed an interest in posing nude for Playboy and noted that a little airbrushing might be needed. Hef’s response: “I can’t see it happening somehow; we don’t airbrush to that extent.” Ouch!



Actress Shirley Jones, 75, posed for a Playboy test shoot, only to be told by Hefner that he expected to see more nudity from “The Patridge Family” star.


Britney Spears Britney Spears at the 2013 Elton John AIDS Foundation Oscar Party. Photo: Reuters/Gus Ruelas

Hefner in 2007 expressed a desire to have Spears grace one of his covers -- but said she would first need to get her life back on track. “I have only heartfelt concern for her situation … If it happens, we’ll be happy to have her in the magazine.”



In an effort to step out of the limelight of her 52-year-old husband, "Green Mile" actor, Doug Hutchinson, Stodden tweeted that she would pose for Playboy. Stodden's admission came after a slew of porn offers the day she turned 18 in September. The magazine shot the aspiring singer down and said Stodden could expect to never receive an offer in the future. A source told TMZ, “[Playboy] would NEVER take her. I don’t think anybody really wants to see that anyway."


Michaele Salahi refuses to testify before the House Homeland Security Committee on Capitol Hill in Washington Michaele Salahi at House Homeland Security Committee on Capitol Hill in Washington, January 20, 2010. Photo: Reuters

Michaele Salahi, who is famous for crashing a White House party in 2009, has tried to separate herself from her “Real Housewives of D.C.” co-stars by taking nude photos in the hope of appearing in Playboy. Although she was told her pictures were “amazing,” Salahi was denied a spot in Playboy.