Former “Mob Wives” star Renee Graziano has checked into rehab to treat depression. Graziano, who has a history of substance abuse, traveled to Florida for her recovery, though the name of the facility was not immediately revealed.

“She is getting treatment that stems from her depression and some things that she has to work out,” Jennifer Graziano, the creator and executive producer of “Mob Wives,” confirmed to Radar Online Thursday. “I can’t get into detail.”

Renee, 48, might stay at the rehabilitation center for a month. “I’m hoping she stays as long as she needs,” said Jennifer, who is also Renee’s younger sister. “She’s been battling depression for a while and this kind of treatment kind of digs a little deeper than what she’s done in the past.”

Jennifer didn’t say if drugs played a part in Renee’s decision to get help. “It’s a personal thing,” the “Mob Wives” creator said. “But basically she is getting treated for depression and she’s trying to work it out.”

It’s unclear when Renee entered rehab, but it might have been two weeks ago because that’s the last time she posted on social media. “A real friend walks in when the work walks out,” she tweeted to her 488,000 followers Oct. 16. “Having faith gives you hope to be successful in what it is you want and need to achieve!! Live with a purpose.”

Even though Jennifer didn’t say where, Renee is probably getting treated at Summer House Detox in Miami. The former reality TV star used the hashtag “Summer House” and “Transitions” in an October message. “Anyone can be physically strong but do u have what it takes to keep the faith n grow spiritually,” Renee wrote Oct. 15.

Her former “Mob Wives” co-star have not responded to Renee's rehab stint.

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