Spunge Games has announced that its new game, "Cartoon Survivor," will be out May 28. It will mix a cartoony premise with gameplay normally associated with an infinite runner game. 

The premise is simple: Players control Doo Doo the Dodo across various themed levels, which they must finish as fast as possible. This is because Doo Doo has a pack of dynamite strapped on his back, so the bird must do everything it can to finish on time.

Gameplay-wise, there is a lot about “Cartoon Survivior” that makes it different from various infinite runners. According to Pocket Gamer, getting hit doesn’t lead to an instant death like in most infinite runners. Rather, the character just slows down a bit, which can be worrisome considering the dynamite on the back of the bird.

The game is more of an adventure runner than an infinite runner. While gameplay involves running and collecting coins for special bonuses, the levels actually have conclusions, so players won’t be trying to continuously beat their highest score. Further differentiating the game from other runner games in mobile devices is the isometric point of view. Most infinite runners have the camera placed behind the player, so it is interesting to see such a unique camera angle for a running game.

A report from App Advice confirmed that there will be 23 levels, all with a different prehistoric theme, including a Jurassic one filled with dinosaurs and cavemen. The Stone Age and Mayan Age are also represented, so there is quite a variety in the levels.

With a variety of levels, colorful graphics and a fun premise, the game will surely leave a mark on players who want a new take on the running game genre. “Cartoon Survivor” will be available next week on the iTunes App Store.

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Cartoon Survivor Gameplay Trailer (Credit: YouTube/Spunge Games)