Developer Minidragon has announced a new match-3 roleplaying game (RPG), called “Rainbowtail," which combines the gameplay of a typical match-3 game while adding the monsters and battles from games like “Pokemon.” Players will be able to participate in intense battles with monstrous bosses while also solving puzzles and taking care of their monsters.

Like the original “Pokemon” games, “Rainbowtail” will have 150 pets to catch and add to the player’s party. Each of these pets are of a certain element, so players will have to match the color of said element to attack various foes and bosses. According to the developer, “Rainbowtail” will give players the option to customize the monster party for specific levels.

There are a large number of areas to explore, each one with multiple pets to acquire. If players are lucky, they will stumble into an egg with a random monster in it. Depending on the area and the player’s luck, the monster could be a rare one or it could simply be any of the pets seen in the areas.

The pets that the player owns also level up, depending on how many times it is used during fights. As the pets level up, they cause more damage and will be able to take more hits. Eventually, these pets will be able to turn into their ultimate forms, and do major damage among other things, just like in “Pokemon.”

Bosses will supposedly be the ultimate test in this match-3 RPG, as these creatures will have specific weaknesses that the player and his or her party must exploit during battle. Players will have to choose which pets to bring to the battlefield, as these boss monsters will ensure a tough time for them.

“Rainbowtail” is available now for iOS devices and can be downloaded from the iTunes App Store. The game is a free download, with in-app purchases. Future updates will be coming to the game as well, adding more areas to explore, pet trading with other players and online battles.

Rainbowtail - Match 3 RPG (Offical Trailer) (Credit: YouTube/Rainbowtail)