After numerous rumors regarding a “Desktop Dungeons” mobile port, developer QCF Designs has officially announced last week that the game would be coming to the iPad and various Android devices. “Desktop Dungeons” is set for release on May 28, so it shouldn’t take too long for fans looking forward to the mobile port of the game to eventually try it out.

According to Pocket Gamer, the “Desktop Dungeons” mobile port will be a faithful recreation of the game, minus the ability to play it on one’s desktop computer, of course. Fans will also be delighted to know that the port will contain all the extra content that was in the “Desktop Dungeons: Enhanced Edition,” so fans can expect plenty of gameplay to seek their teeth into.

The new features seen in the “Desktop Dungeons: Enhanced Edition” include a bunch of new character classes to choose from, online leaderboards for bragging rights and new daily dungeons for even more loot to get and more monsters to kill. Beyond that, players will still have the original “roguelike” gameplay that has become so popular in recent memory, with randomly generated dungeons and a variety of tough enemies to face.

Players who enjoyed playing “Desktop Dungeons” on their computers and are worried about having to start from scratch need not worry, as veteran players of the game will be able to carry over their PC game save through cloud syncing. This was a feature that fans of the original title praised previously, as they could maintain their save through different computers; now they get to maintain their experiences through different platforms.

If there is any disappointment stemming from the mobile port of “Desktop Dungeons,” it’s probably the fact that fans of the game that own an iPhone will not be able to be part of the experience. According to Touch Arcade, the mobile “Desktop Dungeons” will only be playable through iPad and Android tablets.

Still, it’s clear that a lot of effort was put into making the “Desktop Dungeons” mobile version, so one can hope that the title lives up to its hype. “Desktop Dungeons” will be available for $9.99 and will feature no IAP whatsoever.

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Desktop Dungeons: Enhanced Edition Trailer (Credit: YouTube/QCFDesign)