It’s senior ditch day for Alex in this week’s episode of “Modern Family.” Episode 22 is titled “Crying Out Loud” and the family will be making sure that Alex enjoys a rare opportunity to let loose. Meanwhile, Claire has a major decision to make while Gloria embarks on a sabotage project. [Spoiler Alert!]

Alex Dunphy is finally graduating high school. With only a few weeks left before graduation, the senior class has designated a ditch day. “Senior ditch day” is a North American tradition where most of the graduating class skips school for a day in order to have fun, usually at a resort or amusement park. The activities and destinations vary per school and location, but the idea is generally the same.

Tolerance about the tradition of senior ditch day also varies. For the other members of the Dunphy family, Alex should take advantage of the opportunity to celebrate and have fun. After all, she worked very hard all her life to become class valedictorian. According to the episode synopsis released by ABC, Phil, Luke and Haley force Alex to go out on ditch day, but it wouldn’t be “Modern Family” if they didn’t end up in an unexpected detour.

While the rest of her family is trying to enjoy senior ditch day, Claire finds herself facing a dilemma. She’s been offered a great job by a hotel chain, but she feels torn about leaving her dad’s office. When Jay finds out about it, Claire gets even more confused by his reaction. She’s unsure how he would really feel if she leaves his company to pursue the opportunity.

Meanwhile, Gloria Delgado-Pritchett has a plan brewing. Her son Manny has had a procedure done on his wisdom teeth that has left him groggy from the medication. The overprotective Gloria sees it as a chance to sabotage Manny’s relationship with his new girlfriend.

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